My name is Tom and I'm from London.

This blog is dedicated to the band that fills our lives with emotion, colour, warmth, energy and love. Coldplay.

London Emirates - 2nd June 2012

Munich, Olympic Stadium - 12th September 2012

2 nights I won't ever forget.
Deluxe Edition.

The album feels complete now, if you get my meaning? Like those three extra songs make the whole thing complete and rounded. I love it so much. Roll on July 1st! 

Hope you’re all enjoying it as much as me, fellow ghosts.

Ghost Story!

This song should not have been exclusive to the Deluxe Edition, it is my favourite song on the album (apart from O). Holy wow!!!

Everyone needs to hear this masterpiece! 

Coldplay gif teaser (x)
Best photo I managed to get from the Under1Roof gig last night, it was unbelievably incredible, as always!
Well done to all my fellow Coldplayers for supporting the boys and an amazing charity too. 
Under 1 Roof.

Hello fellow Coldplayers!

Today I have the privilege of seeing Coldplay at their Under 1 Rood charity gig. I will try my best to get some good photos and clips, I should be very close to the front. I am so excited I can’t even tell you.

All the best.